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By visiting my website, you agree to these rules.


What information is collected about you when you use my Site


I would like you to be aware that any information that you enter on my website or provide me in any other way is being collected, collected and stored. In particular, information is collected about the IP address used by the computer you are using, login, email address, password, computer and internet connection data, and the history of your activities is tracked. I also use applications to test the traffic volume on my website, session length, page loading, website responsiveness, length of visits to the website, length of responses by the website, ways of browsing. Information is also collected that allows the user to be identified (including personal data, such as name, surname, nickname, email, password, photos, correspondence data, comments, entries, recommendations and his personal profile).


How Information Is Collected


Personal data is collected as soon as you act on my site (e.g. you like, leave a comment, post, query, subscribe). The collected data is all information that you leave in connection with your presence on the website, e.g. name, address, nickname, e-mail address, internet identifier, location data.


Why Information Is Collected

Personal data and other information about you is collected primarily for the purpose of operating and operating my website, providing support to users in using my website or technical assistance, contacting you in connection with subscribing to my blog or sending you notifications or promotional messages, keeping statistics that may be used by me or my contractors to provide services or improve the quality of services provided, fulfill obligations imposed by law.


How the data is stored

My blog is hosted on the platform, which allows me to post content on the site and provide services to you. Your data may be collected through the database and the applications used by that provider.


There may be times when I want to contact you

In particular in connection with your profile (or account) on my website, in order to solve problems related to your profile or account, collect feedback on your completion of forms or questionnaires, send you messages under subscription or your inquiry, updates regarding the activities of my site.




The administrator of personal data is Aleksandra Maria Jach, running a business under the name: Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Aleksandra Jach, based in Warsaw. The administrator can be contacted via the email address:


Of course, I also have cookies


Unfortunately, they are not oatmeal, but are used to collect information about you and your use of the website. The website activities are related to services provided by service providers such as Google Analytics or other applications offered by the Wix App Market ((in particular: (i) for security purposes for the duration of the website session: XSRF - Token, hs (ii) in connection with logging in , for the duration of the website session: SvSession (iii) for the purpose of indicating the website from which the website was delivered - for 1 minute: SSr-caching (iv) for the purpose of system monitoring: _wixCIDX (for 3 months), _wix_browser_sess (for the duration of the website session) (v) for the purpose of setting cookie banner parameters, for 12 months: consent - policy (v) for the identification of logged in users, for the duration of the session - smSession (vi) for the purpose of improving system efficiency, for 30 minutes - bSession (vii) for the purpose of measurement stability and effectiveness - for 12 months: fedops.logger.sessionld (viii) for the purpose of remembering the user's language preferences - for 12 months: wixLanguage). These suppliers may have their own policy privacy rules regarding the way in which they collect and process information and may collect such data about you when you use my website. To find out what data and how they collect and process this data, please check the privacy policies of the providers of these applications.

Withdrawal of consent


At any time, if you do not want your data to be processed in connection with this website, please send such a request to the email:

Changes to the privacy policy


 I reserve the right to amend these rules at any time.

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