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WHO should check whether an employee is on the Sex Offenders Register?

From February 15, 2024 , among others : medical facilities, language schools, hotels, sports clubs are obliged to check their employees and associates who have contact with children regarding their inclusion in the Register of Sexual Offenders and the National Criminal Register.

Failure to obtain information from these registers may result in a penalty of arrest, restriction of liberty or a fine of not less than PLN 1,000, or even the requirement to pay a cash benefit of PLN 10,000 .

However, from August 15, 2024, many entities which deal with children, in particular: medical centers, dental offices, language schools, sports clubs, hotels, recreation centers, music schools, must develop, implement and publish standards for the protection of minors.

However, developing standards is not such an easy thing. Everyone in their center must consider what types of contact they have in their unit, because a doctor in his office faces different challenges than a guitar teacher or a Spanish teacher. The hotel receptionist must also be vigilant. Therefore, you first need to consider to what risk factors your facility is exposed to and how to reduce them. The established methods of regulation must be included in procedures, the trace of which should remain in the Standards for the Protection of Minors.

Moreover, representatives of some professions have a higher standard of assessing the condition of the child with whom they come into contact. For example, doctors and dental hygienists should initiate the Blue Card procedure when they suspect that a child is a victim of domestic violence. You should also always consider whether the WiFi network offered by a given entity is properly secured so that children do not have access to pornographic or violent content .

After adopting the standards, they should be published on the website and their shortened version should be adopted - prepared in a language understandable to children. Failure to implement the standards may result in a fine.

Employee verification procedures should have been implemented in many units a long time ago. However, the introduction of standards is a process that may take several weeks, so it is high time to start introducing them.

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